Our Story

About Baliscissors

Our Origin Story

On May 20th, 2019, I uploaded my first video on the Baliscissors.  I had the idea to create something safer than a butterfly knife. but was still a useful tool.  The two handled design of a balisong seemed like a good fit for the two handled design of scissors.

Actually creating the mechanism that allows the user to switch between balisong and scissors would prove to be a much bigger challenge than I thought.

I always want to experiment and try new techniques and this project has allowed me to try everything from 3D printing, to machining titanium, to tumbling hardened steel.

I’ve learned so much from other YouTubers.  I felt like it was only right that I should make sure others can learn from my successes and failures too.

It has been a great journey and I have enjoyed engaging with the growing community of subscribers who provide support and feedback.

I look forward to having a model ready for sale soon.

My first YouTube video

Common Questions

We do not make custom products at this time.

We have not started selling Baliscissors yet.

We have not announced an initial sale date yet.

No. We prefer to wait until we have the product ready for delivery before taking orders.

Yes. Because they are folding scissors, not a knife, Baliscissors should be legal in most/all legal jurisdictions. 

We have not established the price yet.